Wednesday, November 26, 2008

capstone trailers

to all those who helped participate in the capstone last year; thank you. A long time ago I said that i would never let anyone watch any part of it ever again. I had a few personal reasons for doing this and I planned completely to stick to my plan. But then a little Dayno intervened and complained about not seeing here's the deal;

i will be releasing 4 trailers, one for each segment of the capstone. i want people to know that i appreciated their hard work, and i want them to see what they did in the best light possible. 

unfortunately I am still unwilling to show the capstone in it's entirety. I know that a lot of you put some serious time into this. But I cant bring myself to show it to anyone else, in fact to this point i still havnt watched it in it's entirety. I've been taking it clip by clip for the trailer and even then it leaves me upset when I'm done.

so once again, no, i will not be releasing the full capstone at any point. i will continue with trailers that you can find on youtube (or on links to the right) sorry again!